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What Matters?

> 6+ Years Exp. | R&D

Cybersecurity is vast, and it is difficult for any type of organisation, regardless of size, to tackle all cyber issues and spend limitlessly. So, do you care about your organisation’s security and privacy?

Fida Hasan offer’s consultancy on cybersecurity. He is also interested in conducting extensive research required to review your security posture and maturity towards cyber resilience.

> 5+ Years Exp. | R&D

Are you thinking of specialised support for adopting your product in a smart city context?

As an independent consultant, Fida Hasan can provide you with sound advice on how to manage your Smart City, Home or Transportation project. Helping agencies, industry, and academia propel into the future of Smart Cities. 

Fida Hasan is able to help clients transform legacy monitoring systems into modern IoT solutions. Among the benefits cited will be cost savings, usage optimisation, increased energy efficiency, and improved municipal planning.

>10+ years Exp. | R&D.

Do you need hands in your Fund or Technical Writing?

A range of grant writing services extends from the government to private and medical to not-for-profit. If required, Fida Hasan can team up with experts and other grant writing consultants to support a range of grant writing services that enable you to complete the grant process from start to finish.


So, What Matters?

Industry Collaboration Invitation

Fida Hasan is OPEN to industry collabration and welcomes any interest and opportunity to develop real-world solutions. Please reach to him with your project and problem.

Let's Solve Some Crack Real-World Problems

Fida Hasan is open to extend his capabilities to address key research questions from interdisciplinary or cross disciplinary fields.

He can offer a variety of services in any format of a research team, including, collaborative idea development, research contribution towards writing, peer-reviewing. Fida Hasan is experienced publishing research outcome to the top-tier journals and conferences. His Primary Research Interest includes;

Cybersecurity | Internet of Things | Intelligent Transportation & Road Safety  | Blockchain & Application | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | BioMedicals | DIGITAL Health

For any collaboration research interest, please feel free to directly call Fida Hasan to say Hello or reach over Email. 
Prospective Research Student Info

Fida Hasan offers Supervision for PhD/Masters/MPhil students interested in research topics such as cyber security, cloud computing, computer networks, optimization and machine learning, medical big data, and cyber-physical system security. Prospective students can apply for regular funding programs at QUT and across Australia. Additionally, third-party sponsors are welcome to apply and Fida Hasan can assist in hosting the candidate at QUT or UQ.

For more information, please check, QUT Site

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