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What Matters?

> 6+ Years Exp. | R&D

Cybersecurity is vast, and it is difficult for any type of organisation, regardless of size, to tackle all cyber issues and spend limitlessly. So, do you care about your organisation’s security and privacy?

Fida Hasan offer’s consultancy on cybersecurity. He is also interested in conducting extensive research required to review your security posture and maturity towards cyber resilience.

> 5+ Years Exp. | R&D

Are you thinking of specialised support for adopting your product in a smart city context?

As an independent consultant, Fida Hasan can provide you with sound advice on how to manage your Smart City, Home or Transportation project. Helping agencies, industry, and academia propel into the future of Smart Cities. 

Fida Hasan is able to help clients transform legacy monitoring systems into modern IoT solutions. Among the benefits cited will be cost savings, usage optimisation, increased energy efficiency, and improved municipal planning.

>10+ years Exp. | R&D.

Do you need hands in your Fund or Technical Writing?

A range of grant writing services extends from the government to private and medical to not-for-profit. If required, Fida Hasan can team up with experts and other grant writing consultants to support a range of grant writing services that enable you to complete the grant process from start to finish.


So, What Matters?

Industry Collaboration Invitation

Fida Hasan is OPEN to industry collabration and welcomes any interest and opportunity to develop real-world solutions. Please reach to him with your project and problem.

Let's Solve Some Crack Real-World Problems

Fida Hasan is open to extend his capabilities to address key research questions from interdisciplinary or cross disciplinary fields.

He can offer a variety of services in any format of a research team, including, collaborative idea development, research contribution towards writing, peer-reviewing. Fida Hasan is experienced publishing research outcome to the top-tier journals and conferences. His Primary Research Interest includes;

Cybersecurity | Internet of Things | Intelligent Transportation & Road Safety  | Blockchain & Application | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | BioMedicals | DIGITAL Health

For any collaboration research interest, please feel free to directly call Fida Hasan to say Hello or reach over Email. 
Prospective Research Student Info

Fida Hasan offers Supervision for PhD/Masters/MPhil students interested in research topics such as cyber security, cloud computing, computer networks, optimization and machine learning, medical big data, and cyber-physical system security. Prospective students can apply for regular funding programs at QUT and across Australia. Additionally, third-party sponsors are welcome to apply and Fida Hasan can assist in hosting the candidate at QUT or UQ.

For more information, please check, QUT Site

Notable Organizations Fida Hasan worked and helped with –


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ABOUT Dr. Fida Hasan




Dr. Fida Hasan is an expert of a well-balanced set of advanced technical skills, including Cyber Security, AI and Blockchain, which gives him the ability to design, build and implement technical IT solutions with a narrative that is easily communicated to everyone involved. He helped clients from a wide range of sectors to leverage technology to accelerate their organisational growth.

Dr. Fida Hasan is also an entrepreneurial academic, earned Fellow From Higher Education Academy (FHEA), UK, for the excellence of his academic leadership through teaching and supervising student in higher academia. He received a distinguished teaching certification from Harvard University, USA. He is currently employed as a Lecturer in Cyber Security at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Canberra, which is set to be ranked 19th in the world by QS in 2024.

He is an Award-winning Researcher who enjoys practising innovation through teaching often cheered as an “enthusiastic” teacher.

Over the past years, Dr. Fida Hasan has held various leadership positions and has received recognition for his commitment, professional accomplishments, and community outreach efforts in the technology, education, and social communities. He is open to offering consultation services.

To read Fida Hasan’s Research blog and Personal blog activities, you can help yourself by clicking these links, Scholar and Blog.



“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Albert Einstein


Programming Languages: Python (Data Visualization: Matplotlib, Seaborn) | MATLAB | C++ | C | Assembly 

IoT Technologies: LPWAN | LORA | LTE-CAT M1| NB-IOT | Zigbee | BLE -5| RFID | MQTT – AMQP – CoAP| REST | Websocket | Pycom IoT devices (Fipy, Gpy)

Single Board Computing: Raspberry Pi 2/3| Arduino

Cloud Technologies:  AWS (Solution Architect-Associate Certified), Google Cloud, MS Azure, | IaaS, SaaS, PaaS |

Cloud & Application Migration 

Network Technologies: Protocol (TCP/IP, SMTP, FTP, POP3, etc.) | Cisco device Provisioning | Wireshark | VPN

Web Technologies: HTML | CSS3 | PHP | Javascript | JQuery | WordPress | Apache | Web services (REST SOAP)

Database Management Systems: SQL | NoSQL (AWS DynamoDB)

Mobile App Development Platforms:  Android | Flutter

Version Control and Collaboration Tools: Git | GitHub

Electronic Design Automation:PSpice, LTSpice, CadSoft, Eagle

Micro-controllers and embedded systems: Atmel Studio; Embedded Linux

Skilled in Technical Writing (Top-tier Journal/Conference Publications Record),  including technical documentation, research writing, funding writing, criterion-based project funding writing, etc.



Fida Hasan seeks to inspire a generation of technology students to take on world challenges and provide them with the academic and professional skills. In Academia, he particularly enjoys practising innovation through teaching. Since ICT is a rapidly growing field, he believes that there is much room for further innovation. Thus, he loves to share his knowledge and ideas in his classroom along with general curricular. Having lectured more than 2500 undergraduate students across four universities, supervised over 80 MIT project/thesis students Fida Hasan brings a wealth of experience in working with the brightest engineering minds of the future. He has a passion for disruptive technology and the application of the latest technologies, including Blockchain and Machine Learning, to help address real-world communication problems and create a more effective solution.

The Doctors’ Show



Why Research?

Solve | Growth | Impact

Fida Hasan believes research is a skill required to reinvent and build knowledge and, in today’s context of the fastest-changing world, research very essential to succeed in business.
Cyber Security CRC Team at QUT

Colin Fidge


Leonie Simpson

Associate Professor

Fida Hasan


Mir Ali Rezazadeh Baee



cscrc-qut Post Quantum Cryptography Era in Australia

CSCRCs are Commonwealth-funded collaborations between industry, government, and academia to develop cyber security capability and capacity to help keep Australia safe. Several projects are being run at QUT as part of this extended body. SOCRATES and SCATES are two of them that are currently active. SOCRATES aims to develop post-quantum cryptographic solutions for Enterprise Systems in Australia, whereas SCATES aims to improve Australia's cyber security posture in the farming industry.

CCSRI RMIT Cyber Security Team [2021-2022]

Matthew Warren


Fida Hasan


Ansam Khraisat


Gabby Cincotta

Project Coordinator


vehicle2vulnerable CyberSecurity Resilience of the Australian university

RMIT CCSRI working with in collaboration with the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the Department) along with the University Foreign Interference Taskforce and its members to deliver a solution to enhance cyber security across Australia’s university sector. The project is building on the previous work of the University Foreign Interference Taskforce (UFIT) in developing the Guidelines to Counter Foreign Interference in the Australian University Sector (the Guidelines).



Solution Architect

Dr. Keyvan Ansari

Smart Mobility

Mohammad Ali Moni

Bioinformatics & AI

Yanming Feng

IoT & Smart Mobility

Raja Jurdak


Zahidul Islam


Rahamatullah Khondoker


Abu Layek


Glen Tian



PROJECT TITLE: Vehicle to Vulnerable Road User Solution for Brisbane


vehicle2vulnerable Status: Active (Industry part Completed)

Partner: Transport and Main Road (TMR), QLD and iMOVE CRC (2019-2020).

This research based development work focuses on ’Vehicle to Vulnerable Road Users (V2VRU) interactions’ for achieving Road Safety using existing technologies and also evolving Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As the role of the Project Manager (PM), my responsibility involves maintaining all party collaboration and also conducting research and plan, design and development.

PROJECT TITLE: PostScript: A web application to save and share memories. Project Supervisors:


vehicle2vulnerable Status: Inactive (Completed)

An UI/UX based Industry project focuses on creating a platform that stores memories of user so that it can be viewed later by future generations. A team with Nine active memebers from QUT and Aureolin Group tried to find an innovative way to preserve the memories of people and share them with the recipient after the demise of one who created the memories. The design and development challenges was to align rythimatically a set of features and set of instruction.


PROJECT TITLE: Service-Oriented Architecture and Management System


vehicle2vulnerable Status: Active Proposal

The primary objective of this research is twofold. Firstly, identifying the feasibility and effectiveness of CIoT platform-based UAV (i.e., drone) services and their use cases. This also includes service designing and modeling from similar research and models, software engineering, and distributed systems in consideration of service functionalities, behavior, and quality. Secondly, the recommendation and service composition of drone services for commercial applications as DaaS...

PROJECT TITLE: Evolution towards Cognitive Internet of Vehicles (CIoV): Technology and Security Issues


Status: Active Proposal

Over the past few years, we have experienced great technological advancements in the information and communication field, which has significantly contributed to reshaping the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) concept. Evolving from the platform of a collection of sensors aiming to collect data, the data exchanged paradigm among vehicles is shifted from the local network to the cloud. With the introduction of cloud and edge computing along with ubiquitous 5G mobile network, it is expected to see the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in data processing and smart decision imminent. CIoV, which is abbreviated from Cognitive Internet of Vehicle, is one of the recently proposed architectures of the technological evolution in transportation, and it has amassed great attention. It introduces cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning into the transportation system. This research focuses to identify the future expectations of CIoV and it's security issues. Based on this idea, a conference paper is published so far, this can be found here.

PROJECT TITLE: Novel Application of <b>Blockchain</b>


vehicle2vulnerable Status: Active

The primary objective of this research is twofold. Firstly, identifying the feasibility and effectiveness of CIoT platform-based UAV (i.e., drone) services and their use cases. This also includes service designing and modeling from similar research and models, software engineering, and distributed systems in consideration of service functionalities, behavior, and quality. Secondly, the recommendation and service composition of drone services for commercial applications as DaaS...

PROJECT TITLE: Vehicle to Vulnerable Road User Solution Using BLE 5


vehicle2vulnerable This project has engaged with companies from the cycling, automotive and smart city industries to create communications solutions for drivers and vulnerable road users (VRUs).

Research Student

Roksana Rahman


Abdullah Al Mamun


  Journal Publications

  1. Islam, M. S., Hasan, K. F, Ghani, N. A., Moni M. A. (2022) “HARDC: A novel ECG based heartbeat classification method to detect arrhythmia using hierarchical attention-based duel structured RNN and Dilated CNN” Submitted/Under Review on Neural Networks, Elsevier
  2. Islam, Hasan, K. F, S., Ghani, N. A., Moni M. A. (2022) “HACBD: A novel adaptable hybrid deep learning method to recognize multi-label text emotion using hierarchical attention-based capsule in dual structured RNN and Deep CNN” Submitted/2nd Round of Revision on Applied Intelligence, Springer
  3. Hasan, K. F., Feng, Y, and Tian, Y.-C. (2022) “GNSS-driven Accurate Time Synchronization for VANET,” Under Review, 2nd Round of Revision in IEEE Transaction on Network and Service Management.
  4. Apon, T., S., Alam, MGA, Baidya, S., Tahmid, M., F., Zaman, M., S., Alam, M., A., and Hasan, K. F, Moni M. A. (2022) “LeukoNet: An Interpretable CNN-based Deep Learning Model for Leukocyte Classification” Under Internal Review
  5. Mim, T., R., Amatullah, M., Afreen, S., Yousuf, M., A., Hasan, K. F, Moni M. A. (2022) “GRU-INC: An Inception-Attention based Approach using GRU for Human Activity Recognition” Under Internal Review
  6. Talukder, M. A, Islam, M. M., Uddin, M. A., Akhter, A., Hasan, K. F, Moni M. A. (2022) “Machine Learning-based Lung and Colon Cancer Detection using Deep Feature Extraction and Ensemble Learning” Accepted on Expert System with Applications, Elsevier
  7. Bala M, Ali MH, Satu MS, Hasan KF, Moni MA. (2022) “Efficient Machine Learning Models for Early Stage Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder”, Algorithms. 15(5):166; 2022.
  8. Hasan, K. F., Feng, Y, and Tian, Y.-C. (2021)”GNSS-driven Accurate Time Synchronization for VANET,” Under Review, Under Review in IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation System.
  9. Dasanayaka, N., Hasan, K. F., Wang, C., and Feng, Y. (2021) “Enhancing Vulnerable Road User Safety: A Survey of Existing Practices and Consideration for Using Mobile Devices for V2X Connections,” Under Review in IEEE Access, arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.15502.
  10. Hasan, K. F., Feng, Y, and Tian, Y.-C. (2018)”GNSS Time Synchronization in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks:   Benefits and Feasibility,” in IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems, March 2018.
  11. Hasan, K. F., C. Wang, Feng, Y, and Tian, Y.-C. (2018)”Time Synchronization in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: A Survey in Theory and Practice,” in Vehicular Communication, Elsevier Publication, October 2018.
  12. Hasan, K. F., M. Morshedul Islam (2011). “Evolution of the 4th Generation Mobile Communication Network: LTE-Advanced”. International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications (IJCTA) (Peer-reviewed), India, Vol: 2(4), 1092-1098, 2011 (ISSN:2229-6093).
  13. Hasan, K. F., Ali, S. M., Meherun-Nessa, Aditya, S.K., and Mazumder, R.K. (2011). “Retrieval of Surface Reflectance from NOAA-AVHRR Satellite Data.” Dhaka University Journal of Engineering and Technology (Peer-reviewed), Bangladesh, Vol: 1(2) 121-124, 2011 (January) (ISSN:2218-7413).
  14. Hasan, K. F., Ali, S. M., Rahman, M., S.(2011). “A Digital Approach of Satellite Image Processing for Retrieving Surface Parameters.” International Journal of Engineering Research and Application (IJERA) (Peer-reviewed), India, Vol: 1(3), 2011 (ISSN:2248-9622).
  15. Hasan, K. F., Morshed, M., M., and Ali, S. M.(2010) “A Satellite-Based Method to Determine Land Surface Temperature from NOAA-AVHRR Digital Data.” Journal of the Bangladesh Electronic Society (Peer-reviewed), Bangladesh, Vol: 10(1-2), 87-92, 2010 (ISSN:1816-1510).

  Conference Publications

  1. Asif, Md. Rashid Al, Hasan, K. F., Islam, M. Zahidul, Khondoker, Rahmatullah, “STRIDE-based Cyber Security Threat Modeling for IoT-enabled Precision Agriculture.” 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Industry 4.0, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 18-19 December
  2. Hasan, K. F., Kaur, T., and Feng, Y., “Cognitive Internet of Things (CIoV): Vision, Architecture and Challenges,” 17th ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2021, Brisbane, Australia, 13-18 April
  3. Hasan, K. F., Kaur, T., Hasan M. M., and Feng, Y. “Cognitive Internet of Vehicles: Motivation, Layered Architecture and Security Issues,” International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Industry 4.0, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 24-25 December 2019.
  4. Hasan, K. F., Wang, C., Feng, Y., and Tian YC, (2018) “Exploring the Potential and Feasibility of Time Synchronization using GNSS Receivers in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications,” ITM 2018, Reston, Virginia, USA, Jan 29-2 Feb 2018.
  5. Hasan, K. F.and Feng, Y., and Tian, YC, (2018), “Feasibility Studies of Time Synchronization Using GNSS Receivers in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications,” International Global Navigation Satellite System (IGNSS)-2018, Sydney, Australia, 7-9 Feb 2018.
  6. Hasan, K. F., Feng, Y. (2016). “A Study on Consumer-Grade GNSS Receiver for Time Synchronization in VANET.” 23rd Conference of ITS world congress, 10-14 October, Melbourne, Australia, 2016.

Book Chapters

  1. Hasan, K. F., Overall, A., Ansari, K., Ramachandran, G., & Jurdak, R. (2021). Security, Privacy, and Trust: Cognitive Internet of Vehicles. Next-Generation Enterprise Security and Governance, CRC Press, USA (Accepted) arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.12878.
  2. Humayun K. Hasan, K. F., Ansari, K. (2021). Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Security and Trust in Context of Smart City Application, Springer Nature (Under Review)


English Newspaper Articles
Bengali Newspaper Articles

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Learning & Teaching

What is the Big Question?

         Teaching is no longer the same?

                                 ……May be COVID-19 Shaped it?

…Well, that may be a part of reality, however, the Big Question is, How do you teach? How do you connect the dots, while you teach?

Fida Hasan engages students in such a way that he felt he lacked during his education.

While teaching in a university, both the undergraduate and graduate are primary parts of Fida Hasan’s development as an academic. He is been fortunate enough to have a wide variety of teaching methods and experiences.
2022 – Present
Information Security Discipline
School of Computer Science 
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2022 – Present
Cyber Security CRC Research Fellow 
2021 – 2022
Center for Cyber Security Research
and Innovation (CCSRI)
RMIT University, Victoria, Australia
2021 – Present
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
2021 – 2021
School of Computer Science 
University of Sunshine Coast, Australia
Lecturer (Unit Coordinator)

   Project Management  and Organization                  95%   

   Cybersecurity Course/Training Development      80%   

2014 – 2021
School of Computer Science 
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2018 – 2021
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
2013 – 2018
Postgraduate Researcher

   Research and Information Management              90%   

   Project Management  and Organization                 95%   

   Writing & Oral Communication                          85%   

   Industry Collaboration                                   80%   

   Interpersonal, Leadership & Administrative    85%   

2011 – 2014


School of Information and Communication Technology 
Comilla University Bangladesh
2012 – 2014
Assistant Professor
2011 – 2012
2011 – 2014


School of Computer Science and Engineering 
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology, Bangladesh
2008 – 2011

   Software Development                                     90%   

   Research & Development                        80%   

   Learning & Teaching                                           90%   

2006 – 2008


Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization 
Ministry of Defence, Bangladesh
Research Assistant

   Software Development               70%   

   Analysis and Problem Solving                  80%   

key RESPONSIBILITIES & Achievements

# Research and Innovation
# Security framework Development
# Cyber Security Consultation
#Course Content Designing
Key Developed Skills

   Project Management                                                      95%     

   Collaboration Extended Bodies                             85%     

   Leadership and Administration                                    95%    

#Threat Intelligence
# Incident Response
# SOC analysis
# Cyber Security Handbook

   Cyber Security Analyst                                         95%     

   Incident Response                                           85%     

   Threat Intelligence                                        95%     

2021, Harvard T&L Certification
# Unit Co-coordinating
#Course Content Designing
# Project Management
# Unit Co-coordinating
2020, Accridiated PhD Supervisor
2019, Best Paper Award, STI Conf
#Academic Supervision
#Subject Area Coordinating
#Course Content Designing
#Conference Organizing, TPC member
2018, Fellow, HEA, UK
#Project Management Officer
2018, Best HDR Student Award, QUT
2018, PhD Degree Award
#Laboratory Practitioning
2017, President QUTBA
SEP’ 2014
2013, ICT Fellowship
#Project Management
#Head, School of ICT
#Staff Recruitment Process
2012, Promoted to Asst. Prof.
#Course Coordination
#Laboratory Practitioning
2012, Member, CoUTA
#Curriculum Development
#Internal and External Accreditation

   Leadership & Scholarship                        80%   

  ICT Infrastructure Development                      80%   

   Web development and management                        80%   

Jan’ 2011
#Lab Demonstration
#Web Development and Digitalization
#LMS Development and Automation
Advisor, ICT Association
Feb’ 2008
#Research & Innovation
#Project Management
#Learning and Teaching
1st Class 1st, M.Sc.
Feb’ 2007
Notable Recommendation
  • Professor Glen Tian

    Queensland University of Technology

    “One of the best part of Fida is that he can progress even under stressing pressure. I am witness of this two top-tire publication process, he addressed many difficult comments very efficiently. Great Achievement.”
Fida Hasan is an intellectual, sincere and hardworking academic who meet the excellence of Higher Education. I wish him brilliant future.”

Professor Abu Saleh, Vice Chancellor, BUBT

Fida Hasan is expert in his domain. He worked under my supervision at SPARRSO and I am pleased to work with him. He bears good moral character.”

Meherun Nessa, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), SPARRSO


Fida Hasan’s teaching interest includes (not limited to):

(People, Process & Technology)
-Emerging Networking Technologies
-Expert Systems
-Artificial Intelligence (ML/DL)
-Data Science
-Mobile Technologies

Experienced With (not all mentioned):

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Threat Modelling
  • Device and Network Security
  • Digital Forensic
  • Mobile Network Engineering
  • Internet of Things & Application
  • Advanced Networking
  • Network Security and Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Basic Networking CCNA
  • Emerging Transportation Tech
  • Data Communication
  • Programming App (C++/Python)
  • Cloud Computing and Machine Learning
  • Basic and Advanced Electronics