Learning & Teaching

What is the Big Question?

         Teaching is no longer the same?

                                 ……May be COVID-19 Shaped it?

…Well, that may be a part of reality, however, the Big Question is, How do you teach? How do you connect the dots, while you teach?

Fida Hasan engages students in such a way that he felt he lacked during his education.

While teaching in a university, both the undergraduate and graduate are primary parts of Fida Hasan's development as an academic. He is been fortunate enough to have a wide variety of teaching methods and experiences.
2022 - Present
Information Security Discipline
School of Computer Science 
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2022 - Present
Cyber Security CRC Research Fellow 
2021 - 2022
Center for Cyber Security Research
and Innovation (CCSRI)
RMIT University, Victoria, Australia
2021 - Present
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
2021 - 2021
School of Computer Science 
University of Sunshine Coast, Australia
Lecturer (Unit Coordinator)

   Project Management  and Organization                  95%   

   Cybersecurity Course/Training Development      80%   

2014 - 2021
School of Computer Science 
Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2018 - 2021
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
2013 - 2018
Postgraduate Researcher

   Research and Information Management              90%   

   Project Management  and Organization                 95%   

   Writing & Oral Communication                          85%   

   Industry Collaboration                                   80%   

   Interpersonal, Leadership & Administrative    85%   

2011 - 2014


School of Information and Communication Technology 
Comilla University Bangladesh
2012 - 2014
Assistant Professor
2011 - 2012
2011 - 2014


School of Computer Science and Engineering 
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology, Bangladesh
2008 - 2011

   Software Development                                     90%   

   Research & Development                        80%   

   Learning & Teaching                                           90%   

2006 - 2008


Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization 
Ministry of Defence, Bangladesh
Research Assistant

   Software Development               70%   

   Analysis and Problem Solving                  80%   

key RESPONSIBILITIES & Achievements

# Research and Innovation
# Security framework Development
# Cyber Security Consultation
#Course Content Designing
Key Developed Skills

   Project Management                                                      95%     

   Collaboration Extended Bodies                             85%     

   Leadership and Administration                                    95%    

#Threat Intelligence
# Incident Response
# SOC analysis
# Cyber Security Handbook

   Cyber Security Analyst                                         95%     

   Incident Response                                           85%     

   Threat Intelligence                                        95%     

2021, Harvard T&L Certification
# Unit Co-coordinating
#Course Content Designing
# Project Management
# Unit Co-coordinating
2020, Accridiated PhD Supervisor
2019, Best Paper Award, STI Conf
#Academic Supervision
#Subject Area Coordinating
#Course Content Designing
#Conference Organizing, TPC member
2018, Fellow, HEA, UK
#Project Management Officer
2018, Best HDR Student Award, QUT
2018, PhD Degree Award
#Laboratory Practitioning
2017, President QUTBA
SEP' 2014
2013, ICT Fellowship
#Project Management
#Head, School of ICT
#Staff Recruitment Process
2012, Promoted to Asst. Prof.
#Course Coordination
#Laboratory Practitioning
2012, Member, CoUTA
#Curriculum Development
#Internal and External Accreditation

   Leadership & Scholarship                        80%   

  ICT Infrastructure Development                      80%   

   Web development and management                        80%   

Jan' 2011
#Lab Demonstration
#Web Development and Digitalization
#LMS Development and Automation
Advisor, ICT Association
Feb' 2008
#Research & Innovation
#Project Management
#Learning and Teaching
1st Class 1st, M.Sc.
Feb' 2007
Notable Recommendation
  • Professor Glen Tian

    Queensland University of Technology

    "One of the best part of Fida is that he can progress even under stressing pressure. I am witness of this two top-tire publication process, he addressed many difficult comments very efficiently. Great Achievement."
"Fida Hasan is an intellectual, sincere and hardworking academic who meet the excellence of Higher Education. I wish him brilliant future."

Professor Abu Saleh, Vice Chancellor, BUBT

"Fida Hasan is expert in his domain. He worked under my supervision at SPARRSO and I am pleased to work with him. He bears good moral character."

Meherun Nessa, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), SPARRSO


Fida Hasan’s teaching interest includes (not limited to):

(People, Process & Technology)
-Emerging Networking Technologies
-Expert Systems
-Artificial Intelligence (ML/DL)
-Data Science
-Mobile Technologies

Experienced With (not all mentioned):

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Threat Modelling
  • Device and Network Security
  • Digital Forensic
  • Mobile Network Engineering
  • Internet of Things & Application
  • Advanced Networking
  • Network Security and Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Basic Networking CCNA
  • Emerging Transportation Tech
  • Data Communication
  • Programming App (C++/Python)
  • Cloud Computing and Machine Learning
  • Basic and Advanced Electronics